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Vehicles & Inventory

Do you list the manufactured year of your vehicles?
Yes, when the information is available. However, we cannot guarantee this information, because it is provided by a third party. BE FORWARD shall not be responsible for any losses, damages and/or troubles cause by this information.
Does the vehicle come with an English manual?
No: because we sell Japanese vehicles previously owned and operated in Japan, any provided manual will be in Japanese.
Are spare keys provided?
It depends. If you do not find spare keys in the vehicle’s glove compartment, then they are not provided. You will be responsible for making copies when you receive the vehicle.
How many vehicles do you have in inventory and how often are they updated?
We maintain a constant inventory of over 10,000 vehicles with new purchases every day.
Can I ask you to change the vehicle’s odometer reading (mileage)?
No, changing the vehicle’s odometer reading is illegal. BE FORWARD does not participate in illegal actions, regardless of the reason.
Can I request vehicles not listed on your website?
Definitely! Please do not hesitate to let us know what you are looking for. Our staff will do our best to find the vehicle that best suits your request.
Can you show me what condition the vehicle is in?
We provide up to 30 detailed pictures of the vehicle to help with your buying decision.
Can you install audio systems or other parts such as alloy wheels?
Yes, we can. Please tell us what you want us to install before asking for the Proforma Invoice.
Can you ship auto parts inside the vehicle I am buying?
No, we are not allowed to put anything inside the vehicle unless it is shipped by container.
What does “Under Offer” mean?
A vehicle is “Under Offer” when a customer has made a formal offer to purchase the vehicle, but we have not yet confirmed the customer's payment. If the offer is accepted and we confirm the customer's payment, it becomes SOLD and is no longer available to other customers. If the offer is rejected or expires, the vehicle remains in inventory and becomes available for other customers to make an offer.
Can I arrange a visit to see your vehicles in person?
Unfortunately, this is not possible as we do not allow anyone into our storage yard for security reasons. However, you can visit our office. To do so, please schedule an appointment in advance.