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A brief history of Toyota Motor Corporation

     Toyota continues to keep leading positions in the world by its revenue and to produce more than 10 million vehicles annually. Here we would like to write briefly how the company started its path and how it became one of the world’s largest corporation. 

        Sakichi Toyoda was an inventor of textile machinery and an automatic loom, also a founder of Toyoda Loom Works. Kiichiro Toyoda, a son of Sakichi Toyoda, worked with the father and had plans to develop an automobile industry. Kiichiro established an Automobile Division in 1933 and officially informed about automobile manufacturer in 1934. He organized an auto division within Toyoda Loom Works. Later on Toyota Motor Corporation was formed as a branch of Toyota Loom Works. He managed to expand Toyota Loom Works, his father’s textile business, into the world of automobile industry. In 1936, the Japanese government officially declared Toyota Automatic Loom Works as an automotive manufacturer.



         The AA sedan was the first company’s automobile production that helped to build the way for the recognized “Toyota Production System”. All vehicles were originally sold under the name of “Toyoda”, from founder’s name Kiichiro Toyoda. After public logo competition, Rizaburo Toyoda preferred the name “Toyota” instead of old “Toyoda”. 



         The principle of Toyota Production System - the machine stops when a problem occurs.

In 1966, Toyota introduced Corolla model that became the best-selling car in the world. 

Significant growth happened in the 21st century with luxury brand innovations such as Lexus and the first world’s hybrid vehicle PriusStarted from introduction of Toyota Prius in 1997 in Japan and worldwide in 2001, Toyota Motor corporation was announced a leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles and its production. 



Ally Yang



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