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What is a JDM car?

JDM is a very popular term among car lovers. Probably some newcomers have wondered about the meaning of JDM cars. Here we will explain briefly about the JDM cars. This term is very popular in Japan. JDM means “Japanese Domestic Market”. Japanese automotive companies manufacture these vehicles for the domestic market. JDM specifically goes to the vehicles that are produced in Japan and sold in Japan’s local market. JDM cars refer to internal Japanese market and it excludes production for international market. Not every car produced in Japan is considered to be a JDM car. If a car is produced in Japan – we cannot say that it is a JDM car as Japanese companies produce a lot of cars for world markets. Japanese domestic market can be sold only inJapan.

Why did GDM become so popular? The term of JDM is a very popular because these vehicles are better compared to others due to provision of the best performance. Almost every JDM car is equipped with the latest technology, and they have efficiency and practicality. People are obsessed with JDM cars mainly because they are easy to personalize. JDM cars are very fast. For example, R35 GTR has 0-60 time of less than 3 seconds and it is possible to do almost 200mph. Japan loves speed and Tokyo has a huge car scene. If we look at cars like A80 Toyota Supra or Nissan R35 GTR, we will see how great they look like. Many beautiful cars were originated from Japan, that’s true that they produce very good-looking cars. Another advantage of GDM cars – they are easy to modify. If we remember the movie Fast and Furious, we can say that modifying JDM cars became so popular thanks to this movie. In addition, people in Japan look after their cars very carefully as they prefer to keep cars in top conditions, and their safety tests are very strict. If you want to be unique and you like the whole culture of JDM, then JDM cars will be a perfect choice. 

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