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Why do Japanese people often change cars?

 The main reasons of this export are strict vehicle inspections, high depreciation and strict environmental protection regulations that make car disposal very expensive. Japan has strict emission test standards. 

        There is a wonder why Japanese vehicles look like new - without scratches, dirt and dents. The reason is Japanese obligations for cars maintenance. There are not so much old cars due to automobile inspection system that is so expensive and energy consuming. Experts say that many Japanese people prefer to trade in a perfectly good three or five-year-old car than to spend big amount of money for the inspection. It is the type of regulation that Japan government use as a major effect to improve living conditions. When a car turns 3 years, then every 2 years until the car is 11 years old - government requires inspections that cover about 100 items, such as brake function and headlight orientation. Japan government also asks to have the car repaired before inspections. Following the requirement, owners give cars to a service station for inspection preparation. Japanese government protect the system of inspection as a necessity to keep traffic flowing.

       Cars in Japan lose the value very quickly. "A car more than six years old and in very good condition you can easily see in a junkyard," said Hiroshige Hanabusa, who helps people with administrative issues related to cars. 

Ally Yang

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